Email Tools Review

Email Tools Overview

The generic ‘Email’ has evolved radically over the past decade and it needed to be identified that a higher order of importance and commitment, along with an advanced toolset is required.

One such set of tools is “Email Tools”.

The development of these tools took more than 5 months, Email Tools comprises of a 4-in-1 empowering collection of the most important Email Marketing aspects that help in the creation of a perfect Email, namely: Engagement, Feedback, Personalization, and Urgency.

The product Email Tools has four different elements: An Email Timer options for Marketing, Custom Videos for Email, Image Personalization, & an exclusive Email Survey system.

Email Marketing means targeting email accounts that everyone has these days. To increase customer base and to grow your business into bigger profits, sending out effectively customized emails to potential customers can help in a big way.                 

About Jimmy Kim

Snaptacticx was actually conceptualized by Jimmy Kim, a visionary entrepreneur with not just drive and curiosity but a certain sense of skepticism. His journey of the internet marketing world started in 2009 when he joined an affiliated network. While naming his company, spontaneously he chose “JK Marketing.”

By the year 2015, Jimmy Kim had 6 years of experience and taught 30,000 students and now his “hobby” was converted into a complete round the clock business which was now supported by a fully professional team. After recognizing more economic growth potential in the future, ‘JK Marketing’ underwent an entire re-branding process and a new brand Snaptactix was created.

In present times, Jimmy Kim Email Tools is an endeavor towards increasing online marketing accessibility by striving for quality and thinking equally for background or technical proficiency. The team we have for Jimmy Kim Email Tools comprises of a healthy combination of seasoned designers, marketers and creative professionals from various fields, who provide their customers with multi-faceted and versatile solutions in relation to all online businesses.

Jimmy Kim’s plan is to help everyone who aspires to be an online success – it is dedicated to driven, curious entrepreneurs who want to pave their own path to victory.

As an online entrepreneur and digital marketer, Jimmy Kim has a decade of experience; his sole focus has been on his business that has been the core of his growth coupled with Email Marketing.                   

Email tools Features

For a perfect Email Tools review, understanding each of the 4 major marketing components of this product is important. Each part contributes in its own way towards the bigger goal of perfect Email Marketing strategy. These components can be integrated into a message individually or combined together to increase its impact and effectiveness on the target audience.

Email Timer

This component has an unlimited combination of Scarcity Builders and Timers to embed into an email message. It can be symbolized as the ever escaping time depicting that as a customer you need to act fast. The basic designs are pre-built, ready to use and customizable as well. You can select a timer name, time zone, font color, background color, URL of the running and completed timer according to the requirements of your marketing approach and design.

This Email Timer has hundreds of varying Timer combinations available for you, these are extremely easy to use and are capable of generating a monumental push in a professional way to take relative action with an accompanied countdown timer that all customers will pay attention to. You can customize the look, color and format of the timer to fit the layout of your basic email design.

Email Video

With Email Tools bonus, you get the entire features including an Email Video which is easy to customize and add into your Marketing Email. You might have seen short videos earlier that are accompanied with emails you receive daily; now, you can also create such videos and make them a part of your email.

You can upload your own video directly or use an already existing video on YouTube. The Email Tools Bonus also comprises a set of ‘Viffy Training’ demo videos to help you understand all related functionality and features. With Email Video, it is possible to create a hundred percent optimized video for email without going through the trouble of working with software that confuses you. I liked the simple upload, convert video and then paste it into composed Email process.

Email Image

You can also add a personalized message into an image you just specially customized for your Email. It is possible to create a laser-focused content for your email using this Email Image feature that facilitates the creation and personalization of customer images.

I have to appreciate the personal touch that you can give to every image before sending it out for marketing.

With the available Email Tools review and bonus offer, it is now possible to create a personal and intimate connection with each potential customer that you encounter. This can be easily done with a suitable and effectual implementation of the personalization features of this custom image software which is capable of embedding all types of messages into the images of an email. The ‘custom images for email application’ is a part of the Email Image tool where you can personalize any image of your selection.           

Email Survey

It does not end with customized Timers, Images, and Videos; there is another component of this software which I find very useful. It is the Email Survey part which will help you to understand your target consumers like you have done never before. This Proprietary Email Survey System keeps track of all the ever-changing trends and personal choices of your customers. To understand your customers unparalleled, an exclusive survey system can assist in a big way.

For instance, I created sample survey questions to check the usability and customizing options available with this tool. It is possible to add various options to choose from, clone the survey, edit, delete, view the ongoing survey or generate a report. With this Email Survey option, you can achieve an actionable and valuable insight into the buying habits of your customers to generate added sales for your business.            

Ease of Use

Email Tools software is focused on creating an irresistible engagement for the audience. The time of sending a plain text email with simple attachments is long gone. I believe that this era of digital marketing requires you to unleash the true potential of Emails and this can be done by creating exciting and enticing messages that will engage all users in many powerful and unique ways.

If you are trying to stay within the limits of a strict marketing budget and have to do most of the inbound marketing yourself then you can employ this tool as a part of your advertising plan. After using it myself, I can easily say that this tool is simple to use and you can handle it easily with a little training. The technical aspects are not complex but still if you have problems there is plenty of help available in the face of tutorial videos.

Through this Email Tools review, I can tell you that this software was built with the user in mind. Email Tools was designed and created from scratch with a straightforward and simple user interface which is easy to use for anyone running their own business. You can harness the entire power of this tool without much need for any learning curve.     


According to my personal experience, with the support of Email Tools, you can create high converting, engaging and quality emails in an instant. The Email Tools review and bonus offer come with various attractive features of this useful software. The high-quality of this software can be noticed because of the following aspects.  

  • Email Tools package can be used with Mac and all other major operating systems including Microsoft Windows.
  • This software is fully Cloud-based so it will not take up much disk space but requires constant internet connectivity. Cloud availability also means that you can upload unlimited videos and images.
  • Easy to use GUI.
  • I did not feel the need of acquiring any additional technical skill to operate it, the tutorial videos were of great help in case I encountered any issue.
  • It has countless customizable options for Email timers and countdown tickers.
  • You can create and incorporate motion images and GIF’s in your Emails for marketing purposes.
  • Creation of personalized custom images with special text or messages in them for target customers.  
  • The Email Survey option enables you to create survey questions that can be fully customized.
  • There is no limit on Email Deliverability; you can go for infinite usage.
  • It is compatible with all Autoresponder set-ups.         


Even if you are not tech savvy, there is no need to fret about the usage of Email Tools as it will not take up much of your time to understand. Yes, there are training videos accompanied with the package to help you understand all features thoroughly but a majority of the users will not even need them. Still, if a problem arises there are individually labeled videos that have been categorized according to each component. This will make it easy for you to locate the most suitable video to answer your question.

You will not have to worry about paying for new updates every time because all updates will be completely free once you have got the membership. There are no hidden ongoing charges, just pay once and you get all the benefits. So there will be free update support for members!

If you still require additional help and support then the Email Tools team is on standby for almost all hours round the clock. I also checked their support page ( which was very helpful in gathering added aid. Another way to contact the team for communication or troubleshooting id via their email:


The Email Tools software by Jimmy Kim comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. In this way, they have made an attempt to remove all hesitation or stress that the possible buyers interested in this product might feel. According to me, now that there is no risk involved, this product could be worth investing into. You will have complete 30 days to try all features of the software. If even after that you decide that this product is not suitable for you, the makers will give all your money back.


Email Tools is a great product that leverages the true potential of your business via convertible Emails. This will help you increase your sales exponentially by email conversions created for a new personalized connection with your customers. The unprecedented action generated as a response will help you augment annual profits.

The Email Tools bonus product is amazing with an experienced team to support you. The best part is the money back guarantee, where you can send them an email if you are not satisfied with the product in any way and you get your money back without any hassle. Although in my opinion, you will not have to do so as the product fully delivers what it promises.